Little Chicks International Publications Pvt. Ltd. is a publishing house for CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Our vision is "No child should be left behind." We produce quality because we believe in maintaining good relations and success for every student. Good books are the best teaching aids and so is ours. All our books contains eye catching images to attract the attention of students and help them to grasp the topics well. Our books are designed beautifully and printed on 4 – colour printing machines, providing students a joyful experience and adding interest to their learning. Our aim is to teach students by creating curiosity, nourishing their present and future by ensuring aim of the life. We have not compromised on quality of paper and printing. We have done our best keeping in mind every single step going towards you.

1. Matter - : All the topics are class - wise. The language used is grammatically correct and the sentences are very simple so that every child can relate to it. Practice exercises, pictures , facts, riddles to make it more interesting to study.

2. Illustrations - : Illustrations play a vital role to understand the subject-matter well. In our books, the illustrations clearly explains the text.

3. Paper Quality - : Our paper quality coveys professionalism. You will certainly appreciate that we have taken the time to put a quality paper in your hands and not just created and printed something in a matter of minutes.

4. Printing, Binding & Lamination - : If you are looking for quality printing, you have come to the right place. We never publish black-and-white/poor-quality books for children. All our books are printed on 4-colour printing machines. We believe in providing quality services as it is our first motive.

5. Syllabus - : All the topics are up to date for each subject by giving full information and knowledge without bothering about the number of pages.

6. Price - : The prices of our books have been kept reasonable in order to ensure the affordability to everyone. We believe in customer satisfaction by providing the best of the services so that everyone would be willing to buy our books.

Join hands with us today and we will make a better tomorrow.